DIY: Christmas ornament wreath

I've seen a lot of people posting about Christmas ornament wreaths and ever since I have wanted to make my own. A few years back we threw out all our old/unused baubles (lesson learnt, I am now a serial hoarder!) and as a result, I had to buy some. The shops have already started to reduce a lot of the Christmas items so each packet of baubles I used cost £1.50 from Asda.

Want to make your own wreath? Read on!

You'll need:

Baubles. LOTS of them. I bought 3 packets of x12 round baubles. 2 packets of x9 ornaments and 1 box of 20 assorted mini baubles and I have used them all. Look around the shops as you can also get huge 60 piece sets for around £5!

A wire coat hanger.


1) Untwist your wire coat hanger and shape into a hoop.

2) Glue each of the caps onto the top of the bauble. Even if they seen secure GLUE THEM. I'll show you why shortly...

Thread each bauble onto your wire and try and keep to some sort of order, I would add on a glitter, satin and shiny bauble and then repeat this pattern each time.

3) Keep threading on your baubles until the whole hoop is covered. You can adjust the way the baubles sit as you go.

4) Once you have filled your hoop, twist together the 2 ends of your hanger. You can fill any gaps with smaller baubles glued into place. I used a glue gun but I really would advise using UHU all purpose adhesive as I ended up with some serious burns on my fingers!

5) This is why you need to make sure you glue on the caps of your baubles! I managed to drop mine and as I hadn't glued them all, they fell off and it was a pain in the a*** to get them back on! It also messed up the layout of the baubles so remember GLUE THE SUCKERS! You can well imagine the sort of thing coming out my mouth when this happened!! Haha!

6) Despite everything, I am pleased with how my wreath turned out. It's always nice to have something you can use year after year knowing you made it yourself!

Me and mum also popped into Ikea last night to buy a coffee table and while we were there picked up a new red felt star for the top of the tree. In the sale it was a bank breaking 69p! And a silver star light in the sale for £4.99!

The house is so cosy looking now! It said on the weather that it might snow tomorrow so I have my fingers and toes crossed!! Sweep loved the snow last year too!

And FINALLY I've started to wrap presents! This lot is being boxed up to send to one of my best friends Elizabeth, who lives up north! Of course I would use washi tape in my wrapping! 


  1. Oh I love it! Its so simple but looks amazing! Also I'd like your dog please!
    Ikea is brilliant for bargains, i'm looking forward to new years, as i've hired a car to go to norfolk and on the way back am planning on a trip to Ikea (the boy doesn't know this yet, I don't think i'll tell him until I pull off the motorway to lakeside...)

  2. The whole thing would have been better if I didn't use the glue gun! I'm sporting a seriously gross blister on my finger now lol! Sweep was being a sod and nicking the baubles, she is not helpful but is cute! :-D
    YES for Ikea trip!! They will be giving away stuff after New Year so you should get some bargains!! Lure the fella into loving the idea with the promise of Swedish meatballs and Daim cake! Mmmm!!!