DIY Leather Navajo Earring Tutorial

While I was browsing eBay for a piece of leather to try making a bag, I came across lots of people selling scraps and I couldn't resist buying some! I got a huge bag for £10 all different colours, textures and sizes perfect for making a whole host of different things!

I saw an earring template by Maegan  online so I made myself a pair of navajo inspired earrings. I was really pleased with how they turned out so I thought I would share with you how I did it! 

You'll need:

Leather (I'm using 3 different colours)
Template (Download and print out HERE)
Small pair of pliers 
2 pyramid studs
2 earring hooks**
2 jump rings**
Pin or needle

1) Print and cut out the template pieces. Trace around them onto the leather and cut out. When cutting the tassel pieces, I found it easier to just hold the paper on top and cut along the lines.

2) Repeat until all the template pieces have been cut out of the leather.

3) Taking the 2 small squares of leather, push a pyramid stud into the center of each. You can always flatten the metal tabs down on the back and glue on if you prefer.

4) Group together all your pieces of leather starting with the longest to the shortest and push a pin or needle through a couple of millimeters from the top. Wiggle the pin or needle around a little and this will make a hole for your jump ring to go through. 

5) Open the jump ring up with your pliers and attach each piece of leather, finish by adding on your earring hook. 

6) Using your pliers, close up the gap of your jump ring.

7) And.. HEY PRESTO! One pair of leather navajo inspired earrings!

You can also make a different variation using the same template or experiment with different designs of your own!

** I purchased my jewellery findings from Kitty Pink.


  1. I have just ordered loads of things from this seller!! cute earrings!!

    Lauren x

  2. These are so cute !! I love how you reused the scraps of leather. You should totally open your own jewelry store :)I just started following your fabulous blog. Would love it if you liked to stop by and follow if you like what you see:)

  3. So cute! You are so craft-savvy you should open an Etsy store!

  4. if its heavy on the ears, usually posts work better than the usual earwire :)

    doesnt hurt as much either ;)