Bow tutorial & downloadable template


I hope you enjoy todays tutorial - how to make an easy bow that can be used to decorate lots of different things! Make them out of felt, leather or some awesome scrap booking paper. Here's how to do it...

To make things easy and hopefully helpful, download the template I created HERE. Print and cut out.

Draw around or pin your template pieces onto your felt or paper and cut out. 

Take the bow section and fold the outside tab into the middle of the bow, securing with some glue. When using felt, a hot glue gun is the perfect thing to use but if you have some fabric glue, go ahead and use that. 

Repeat with the other side so that both of your tab ends are secured into the middle forming your bow!

Take the middle section of felt or paper and place in the middle of your bow.

Flip the bow over and stick down one end. Trim any excess length. 

Fold over and stick the other end. This side is the back of your bow as the join is there.

Finally apply some glue into the centre of your tail piece and stick onto the back of the bow covering the join you just made.

Repeat the whole process and make more and more!

Stick them on pegs, glue on a magnet or make some gift tags. Job done.


  1. Love this! Need to make some of my own! :) xx

  2. Brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing the diy :)