Guilt free chocolate goodness

A couple of years ago I started to follow the Paleo Diet. Now, while I actually quite liked it, as someone who wanted to train as a pastry chef, the two things just don't go together, but there are still elements of it that I follow and have added into my normal way of life. 

So the story goes - one night I was craving (which is nothing new) and feeling a bit irritable because I wanted something sweet (was more than likely a toffee crisp... usually is) and I started googling for paleo friendly cakes, sweets and desserts. I found Chocolate Covered Katie and her recipe for fudge babies. 

My best friend Zach, who was also following it at the same time, got a phone call from me along the lines of "Are these paleo? Am I allowed them? How many of them can I eat?" and his reply was something along the lines of "Fudge babies? What sort of name is that? They have dates in them? I hate dates!". The End. 

So anyway, I decided to make them and i've loved them ever since! I would describe them as soft and chewy balls of chocolaty goodness. I'm not gonna lie... the word balls makes me smirk. Such a child. 

Now, here's 2 keys points; If you think you don't like dates, remember that they are the basis of sticky toffee pudding. If you have a friend *cough cough* Zach *cough* who keeps insisting that they don't like dates and refuse to try one, be the good and caring friend that you are and force them to eat it. What happens, Lisa is right, Zach loves them, Zach revisits my fridge and eats a load. 

Secondly, and this is the difference between them tasting nice or tasting AWESOME - PUT THEM IN THE FRIDGE! My GOD it makes so much difference and intensifies the chocolate taste and gives the more fudge like texture. Make that the golden rule and you'll thank me!

*Warning - highly addictive*

You'll need:

Food Processor
1tsp vanilla extract
2tbsp cocoa powder 
100g walnuts
250g soft pitted dates
Small paper cases
Small handful of tripple chocolate curls (optional)

Measure out all your ingredients and throw into a food processor. Blitz until everything starts sticking together, you'll know when it's done as it'll start coming away from the side of the bowl.

Roll into small balls and pop into a mini cake cases. My ball rolling skills started out a bit rubbish. Who can't roll a round ball?!

Top with a chocolate curl just because it makes them look prettier.

Put in the fridge for at least 30 minutes and enjoy! Easy! Worth noting that Zach also just described them as tasting like a cold brownie. I make him right on that one.


  1. They look really good and sound even better. I don't think I'd have any self control with them though, so it's a good job they're healthy! x

  2. Just made a batch!! Two gone already, oh my god they're good!!

    1. They really are quite nice aren't they! I swear putting them in the fridge changed the game lol! Straight out the processor they are a bit 'meh' but half hour later, chocolate central! X

  3. I made a batch using half the quantities you listed and in two nights they're all gone. Yum yum!

  4. Thank you for sharing this recipe! I made some yesterday and they are incredible! The longer they're in the fridge the better they are :) Just discovered your blog and it's lovely - your photographs are great and I love all your crafty posts x

    1. Hi Katy, Glad you are enjoying my blog! :-D Also, the fridge trick is amazing right!! I can't believe I used to eat them without putting them in there, they transform into a totally different tasting treat once they go cold! Mmm!! x

  5. Hi, I was just wondering about how many calories there are in each one? I cannot wait to make these tonight! x

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  7. This is really great and so helpful. Thanks a lot!